QM Vamp Plugins


Audio feature extraction plugins from Queen Mary, University of London

A set of plugins for feature extraction from audio data, using the Vamp plugin format suitable for use in programs such as Sonic Visualiser and Sonic Annotator.

VAMP diagram

This plugin set includes note onset detector, beat and barline tracker, tempo estimator, key estimator, tonal change detector, structural segmenter, timbral and rhythmic similarity, wavelet scaleogram, adaptive spectrogram, note transcription, chromagram, constant-Q spectrogram, and MFCC plugins.

Read documentation here, and if you have any problems using these plugins, the Vamp plugins forum is the place to ask.

These plugins are published under the GNU General Public License.

Version 1.7 – Copyright 2005-2011 Christian Landone, Martin Gasser, Chris Cannam, Christopher Harte, Matthew Davies, Katy Noland, Thomas Wilmering, Wen Xue, Ruohua Zhou, and QMUL.


Submitted by cannam on Mon, 08/03/2009 - 17:54