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HOTTTABS is using EchoNest to find songs from the hottest artists, YouTube for finding videos and C4DM technology for crawling the Web and clustering Guitar Tabs.


If you fancy giving someone a surprise by playing a guitar song but lack inspiration, then HOTTTABS is the tool you need ! HOTTTABS will crawl the web for you and retrieve the guitar tabs of the hottests songs of the moment according to their level of difficulty. You are really full of motivation but need a little help to know where to put your fingers on the neck before the performance, HOTTTABS also displays for you a collection of YouTube video tutorials from the song you have selected.

HOTTTABS uses Echo Nest's "hotttnesss" measure to obtain a selection of hottest artist and tunes you might like to learn to play on guitar. After a track has been selected, HOTTTABS looks into the YouTube database to get video tutorials of people playing the track, and our guitar tab web crawler to fetch the guitar tabs from as many guitar tab web sites as we can find. The guitar tabs are then clustered into three levels of difficulty (easy/medium/difficult) based on a statistical criterion computed from the tune's chords. It presents the tabs in a 3D-tag-cloud style so you can visualise the main chords used and the available tabs at your preferred level of difficulty.

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Available Guitar Tabs

The guitar tabs below are clustered by difficulty. Easier tabs are clustered on the left.
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