Digital Audio FX
Perceptual Attributes Listening Test


In this test we want to establish which perceptual attributes are affected by the application of digital audio effects (DAFx) on monotimbral audio material. Moreover, a goal is to find out if potential users of audio effects applications agree with established classifications.
On the next pages you will be asked to listen to 'dry' source files followed by the same file after application of a DAFx. Please indicate in the menus below the audio players which perceptual attribute is affected mainly by the DAFx. Optionally, you may choose another main perceptual attribute (attribute that is affected to an equal degree), and two secondary perceptual attributes (attributes that are affected to a lesser degree).
The selection consists of: duration, rhythm, loudness, pitch, harmony, space, and timbre/quality. If you think the difference is not noticable or you cannot pinpoint any differences, please select 'none/unknown'.

Before you begin, please give us some brief information about yourself and your musical or audio related background below.

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It is encouraged to use high quality headphones for this test. However, if you use loudspeakers instead make sure you're in the correct position between the speakers in order to evaluate stereo effects. Please specify (the closest to) your listening conditions:

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Thank you for participating in this project!