Music in daily life
Survey of musical activity throughout your day


You have been invited to take part in a research study on music related activity in daily life. This survey is conducted by Yading Song at the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary University of London.


Before you begin, please provide some information about yourself



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Please select your general musical preference [tick at least one item]

  Light instrumental   Alternative   Classical   Electronic
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  Jazz   Metal   World   Rock
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Please provide information about your music skills

1. I have never been complimented for my talents as a musical performer

2. I can't read a musical score

3. I would not consider myself a musician

4. I engage in regular, daily practice of a musical instrument for how many hours

5. At the peak of my interest, I practiced how many hours per day on my primary instrument

6. I have played or sung in a group, band, choir, or orchestra for how many years

7. I have had formal training in music theory for how many years

8. I have had how many years of formal training on a musical instrument

9. I can play how many musical instruments

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